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Follow ReStyled to Sell on Social Media

Aug 06, 2019      Share:  

Follow ReStyled to Sell on social media! If you are interested in seeing more of the home staging projects done in Matawan, Freehold, Aberdeen, Brielle, Clifton and other New Jersey cities, you can follow us on social media on Instagram and Facebook.   Read More...

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Staging is not an Expense but an Investment

Sep 16, 2017      Share:  

The biggest problem I run into is a wife telling me that her husband does not want to make the investment in STAGING. They don't think it is necessary. OH, REALLY GUYS! Would you think of selling your car without spending anywhere from $150-$500 on detailing that car to improve the car's appearance so it will appeal to more buyers? Why would you not do the same on your home - your largest   Read More...

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Why Stage Your Home Prior to Listing?

Jul 19, 2017      Share:  

You Have Competition

When a home is listed for sale it becomes a product. In order to sell a home in the SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME and for the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE, it must be priced right, in showcase condition, and stand out from the competition. The way the home is packaged and marketed will determine the success of it's sale.

Staging is a Great Listing Tool

Staged  

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