Condo, Condo Once Considered Small, Has Proved it's Grandeur to One and All!

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We had the best time staging this fabulous condo in Bayonne today. The weather was great, the boats were sailing by and the staging plan was coming together without a hitch. Not always the case as many of you may know.

This condo had an open floor plan, which for many buyers is almost impossible for them to imagine how to set up their furniture. Tying in the paint colors and white cabinets in kitchen may also have been presenting a problem to buyers.

New Jersey Home Staging Photo
The LR/DR/Kitchen area Before. The Master Bedroom is in the back of this large room

The Team of ReStyled to Sell accepted the challenge and here are the results!

New Jersey Home Staging Photo
LR/DR/Kitchen Area After.....
New Jersey Home Staging Photo
By using colors of light green, blues, white and brown the space looks clean, young and fresh. Spaces have been defined and now buyers can imagine themselves AND THEIR FURNITURE in the space.
New Jersey Home Staging Photo
The Master Bedroom before left buyers wondering if they could fit a full size bed in here.
New Jersey Home Staging Photo
The Master Bedroom appeared so much larger with furniture than it did without furniture. We were able to stage this room with a King Sized Bed.
New Jersey Home Staging Photo
The Second Bedroom off the Living Room seemed like a great place to have a home office. But what if you have a young child or need a guest room? Can you fit both??
New Jersey Home Staging Photo
Of course you can, simple staging shows off this rooms size and gives buyers a vision for both a bedroom and home office.

If you have a house that has been sitting on the market could it be that buyers just cannot imagine themselves living there??

Call on the Team of ReStyled to Sell at 732-995-3425 for your in home staging consultation.

Together we are changing the way buyers view homes!

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