The Economy Have You Seeing RED??

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Let's face it, things are tough all over and everyone these days are concerned about the economy and the cost of living. So when a buyer sets out to buy a home the last thing they need to see is RED!! So what's the solution? PAINT OF COURSE!

When selling your home it is not only important that it is staged correctly but I always advise my clients that the BONES OF THE HOUSE need to show well. So what does that mean?

New Jersey Home Staging Photo
Before the walls were RED, the banister was yellow and the sliding doors kept buyers wondering where to place their furniture.
  1. Are your walls a neutral color?
  2. Are your carpets and or floors in good condition?
  3. Are the stains on the ceiling painted?

These are the things that buyers DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH! When a buyer sees a home that needs work they start calculating the costs in their head (which are always higher than actual costs) and immediately deduct that from their offer.

In a tough economy a buyer wants to purchase a home that needs as little work as possible so it is important that these things are addressed BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR HOME ON THE MARKET!

New Jersey Home Staging Photo
Once painted and then Staged by the Team of ReStyled to Sell, you now have a calm, neutral setting that is sure to welcome home buyers!
New Jersey Home Staging Photo
The difference is dramatic and will ultimately result in a quicker sale!

BEFORE YOU LIST YOUR HOME ON THE REAL ESTATE MARKET, CALL RESTYLED TO SELL HOME STAGING EXPERTS of New Jersey @ 732-995-3425. Together, we are changing the way buyers view homes!

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