Creative Room Redesigns

Creative Room Redesigns Photo
Guest bedroom redesigned by ReStyled to Sell.

Our clients are so pleased when we are finished with the Staging of their New Jersey home that they have for sale, that we are often asked if we will come set up their new home. We love doing these type of Redesigns because we can be more creative with the clients personal art work and color choices since this will the home that they are living in and not selling, Staging to Sell your home and Redesigning your new home are two totally different things.

New Jersey Room Redesigns Photo

We start each Redesign Consultation with a walk-thru of our client's new home. The consultation fee includes color choices and a detailed plan for your furniture set up. This fee is $350.00.

Following our consultation, we will prepare a Proposal for your review and set up a team to "Stage" your new home, using your furnishings, artwork and personal accessories. This fee starts at $950.00 and usually takes one day. Now you can start enjoying your new home which has been perfectly ReStyled to LIVE!!